Nasiru Atere

While studying for my Master’s in Sustainable Environmental Management at the University of Plymouth, I focused on subjects such as Environmental Assessment and Climate Change Science and Policy. These studies offered excellent insights into the delicate equilibrium necessary for sustainable growth, helping me understand the intricacies of environmental impact assessment and sustainable practices.

Before this, I began my studies at Usmanu Danfodiyo University in Sokoto, Nigeria, where I studied for a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics. This degree provided me with extensive knowledge and understanding of natural resources, agricultural production economics, and the complex relationship between policy and environmental legislation. These courses established the foundation for comprehending the socio-economic elements interwoven with agricultural practices, promoting a comprehensive perspective on the sustainable use of resources.

My undergraduate degree at Ladoke Akintola University significantly enhanced my understanding of Agricultural Economics and Extension. The programme included a wide range of subjects, such as Soil Survey, Land Use, and the effects of human activities on Aquatic Ecosystems. During these developmental years, I acquired a high level of proficiency in safeguarding soil, assessing soil nutrient levels with advanced tools such as the Agrocares soil scanner, and comprehending the crucial significance of soil health in guaranteeing food security.

I reached the highest point of my academic journey by completing a Master’s dissertation that aimed to verify the accuracy of the NIRS (AGROCARE) Scanner compared to traditional laboratory soil testing. This study was conducted at Flete Estate in Plymouth, and it included various sorts of land usage. This study not only confirmed the effectiveness of contemporary soil testing methods but also emphasised the importance of soil health in agricultural sustainability. I had my industrial placement with Flete Field Lab where I was actively involved in mycofiltration and biochar productions and applications with the aim of restoring soil and water qualities.