Chinedum Anozie

Chinedum Anozie is an environmental management professional with experience in soil science and land use planning. He holds an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Plymouth (2023). Previously, Chinedum earned an MSc in Soil Survey and Land Use Planning from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture in Nigeria (2019), and his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture with a focus on Soil Science was completed at the University of Benin, Nigeria (2014).

Chinedum is keenly interested in the remediation of contaminated lands, environmental sustainability, ecosystem conservation, and the production of improved quality crops through sustainable management of natural soil resources. He has conducted research undertakings, evaluating land suitability and capability for agricultural uses.

His research on land suitability evaluation for rice and cocoyam production was published in the Journal of Agripreneurship and Sustainable Development in 2023. Chinedum has also co-authored academic papers on soil sustainability and volunteered in agricultural extension services for farmers and stakeholders.

In 2016, Chinedum attended an international conference on nitrogen cycling and climate change in Brazil, supported by a travel fellowship. He is a student member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

With his background in soil science and land use and his current master’s in environmental management, he is well-positioned to take on sustainability-focused roles across industries.