Christian Taylor

Dr. Christian Taylor has been our resident mycologist from the start and is a fungal ecologist and biological sciences teacher based in the South West of the UK. He has researched the development of inter-relationships between communities of fungi and their resident insect communities in forest ecosystems. This involved four dimensional mapping of mycelial dynamics in Canada, India and in the UK as part of his undergraduate and PhD research projects which he obtained from University of Bath.

He works for The Open University School of Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, teaching undergraduates on ecological, biological and environmental science modules. He also taught at masters level on the interdisciplinary Arts and Ecology MA at Dartington. Christian enjoys participating in fungal forays and teaching at fungal field lab microbiology workshops. Alongside being an enthusiastic ambassador for the Fungal Kingdom, he is involved in the Flete Field Lab project, sits on the British Mycological Society committee for education, the Microbiology in Schools Advisory Committee, and is a member of the British Ecology Society.