Both Frank Foley, an engineer, and community artist Shelley Castle have long held an interest in natural systems and ecological restoration. We combine our particular interests in Biochar and Mycelium and have collaborated with a wide range of organisations including Plymouth University, West Country Rivers Trust, The Flete Estate and Holistic Restoration to create Flete Field Lab.

We have been privileged to work with students from all over the world since 2022, all of whom have contributed invaluable skills, commitment and knowledge. We are also sincerely appreciative of a large group of volunteers who have supported the work with passionate generosity and are particularly thankful to our Mycologist Dr. Christian Taylor.


Rhianna Trim

Chinedum Anozie

Ambar Jimenez Hernandez

Nasiru Atere


Christian Taylor

Honor Wolf Moon

Tom Shopland

Dr Paul Lunt