‘On land, all life springs from soil.  Soil is ecological currency.  If we overspend it or deplete it, the environment goes bankrupt….. Mycorestoration is the use of fungi to repair or restore the weakened immune systems of environments.’

Paul Stamets – Mycelium Running

We tend to look at nature regeneration from a human-scale POV, but we will be working at an infinitely smaller scale. Microscopic mycelium and microbes underpin the health of our soil, and in turn the health of our waterways and life itself.

Flete Field Lab will be working at this scale, creating trials aimed at rewilding soil and restoring waterways on the Flete Estate in order to find low-tech viable solutions that can be shared widely in the UK and beyond.

Upcoming Events

Water Brunch
Sunday 26th March


Discuss our local waterways over a delicious vegetarian brunch.

At Mothecombe Training Rooms,

11am to 1pm.